Common Post Body Types in HTTP

These are the common types used in HTTP POST requests, each serving different purposes and use cases.

Notes about XML

Simple notes about XML.

Notes about Spring IoC

My notes about Spring IoC.

How to ignore changes for files that are already tracked in Git

It’s simple, just use the parameter --assume-unchange.

I definitely will buy a large worktop. Oh, I have to own a large kitchen before that!

As a principle, TypeScript never changes the runtime behavior of JavaScript code.

TypeScript is JavaScript’s runtime with a compile-time type checker.

If you find a resource that uses TypeScript directly, that’s great too, but don’t limit yourself to thinking you need TypeScript-specific answers for everyday questions about how to accomplish runtime tasks.

To be effective

Take back control of my life.

Didn’t get a satisfied IELTS score again, but I believe that at least I should get a 6.0 on the Writing section. I applied EOR this afternoon and hope to get a good result soon.